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Apoptosis and Càncer

Research lines

. Molecular mechanisms of apoptosis control.

. Regulation of apoptosis in chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

. Study of the molecular bases of chemo and radioresistance in ovary cancer and gliomes.

. Survival and cell death mechanisms in neuroblastomes.

Mir, R. Tortosa A., Martinez-Soler F.,  Vidal A., Condom E., Perez-Perarnau A., Ruiz-LarroyaT., Gil J., Gimenez-Bonafe P.

Mdm2 antagonists induce apoptosis and synergize with cisplatin overcoming chemoresistance in TP53 wild-type ovarian cancer cells

International Journal of Cancer. 2013 Apr 1;132(7):1525-36.


Gonzalez-Girones D.M., Moncunill-Massaguer C.,  Iglesias-Serret D., Cosialls, A.M., Perez-Perarnau A., Palmeri C.M., Rubio-Patino C.,  Villunger A., Pons G., Gil J.

AICAR induces Bax/Bak-dependent apoptosis through upregulation of the BH3-only proteins Bim and Noxa in mouse embryonic fibroblasts

Apoptosis. 2013 Aug;18(8):1008-16. doi: 10.1007/s10495-013-0850-6.




Glycogen synthase kinase-3β is involved in ligand-dependent activation of transcription and cellular localization of the glucocorticoid receptor.

Rubio-Patiño C, Palmeri CM, Pérez-Perarnau A, Cosialls AM, Moncunill-Massaguer C, González-Gironès DM, Pons-Hernández L, López JM, Ventura F, Gil J, Pons G, Iglesias-Serret D.

Mol Endocrinol. 2012 Sep;26(9):1508-20.

Mdm2 antagonists induce apoptosis and synergize with cisplatin overcoming chemoresistance in TP53 wild type ovarian cancer cells.

Mir R, Tortosa A, Martinez-Soler F, Vidal A, Condom E, Pérez-Perarnau A, Ruiz-Larroya T, Gil J, Giménez-Bonafé P.

Int J Cancer. 2012 Sep 10. doi: 10.1002/ijc.27832.

Histone deacetylase inhibition induces apoptosis and autophagy in human neuroblastoma cells.

Francisco R, Pérez-Perarnau A, Cortés C, Gil J, Tauler A, Ambrosio S.

Cancer Lett. 2012 May 1;318(1):42-52.


Analysis of apoptosis regulatory genes altered by histone deacetylase inhibitors in chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells.

Pérez-Perarnau A, Coll-Mulet L, Rubio-Patiño C, Iglesias-Serret D, Cosialls AM, González-Gironès DM, de Frias M, de Sevilla AF, de la Banda E, Pons G, Gil J.

Epigenetics. 2011 Oct 1;6(10):1228-35.

TP53 induced glycolysis and apoptosis regulator (TIGAR) knockdown results in radiosensitization of glioma cells.

Peña-Rico MA, Calvo-Vidal MN, Villalonga-Planells R, Martínez-Soler F, Giménez-Bonafé P, Navarro-Sabaté À, Tortosa A, Bartrons R, Manzano A.

Radiother Oncol. 2011 Oct;101(1):132-9.


Activation of p53 by nutlin-3a induces apoptosis and cellular senescence in human glioblastoma multiforme.

Villalonga-Planells R, Coll-Mulet L, Martínez-Soler F, Castaño E, Acebes JJ, Giménez-Bonafé P, Gil J, Tortosa A.

PLoS One. 2011 Apr 5;6(4):e18588.


O6-Methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase protein expression by immunohistochemistry in brain and non-brain systemic tumours: systematic review and meta-analysis of correlation with methylation-specific polymerase chain reaction.

Brell M, Ibáñez J, Tortosa A.

BMC Cancer. 2011 Jan 26;11:35. Review.

AICAR induces apoptosis independently of AMPK and p53 through up-regulation of the BH3-only proteins BIM and NOXA in chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells.

Santidrián AF, González-Gironès DM, Iglesias-Serret D, Coll-Mulet L, Cosialls AM, de Frias M, Campàs C, González-Barca E, Alonso E, Labi V, Viollet B, Benito A, Pons G, Villunger A, Gil J.

Blood. 2010 Oct 21;116(16):3023-32.

Isoform-selective phosphoinositide 3-kinase inhibitors induce apoptosis in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia cells.

de Frias M, Iglesias-Serret D, Cosialls AM, González-Gironès DM, Pérez-Perarnau A, Rubio-Patiño C, Rückle T, Camps M, de Sevilla AF, de la Banda E, Pons G, Gil J.

Br J Haematol. 2010 Jul;150(1):108-11.


Aspirin induces apoptosis in human leukemia cells independently of NF-kappaB and MAPKs through alteration of the Mcl-1/Noxa balance.

Iglesias-Serret D, Piqué M, Barragán M, Cosialls AM, Santidrián AF, González-Gironès DM, Coll-Mulet L, de Frias M, Pons G, Gil J.

Apoptosis. 2010 Feb;15(2):219-29.

Akt inhibitors induce apoptosis in chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells.

de Frias M, Iglesias-Serret D, Cosialls AM, Coll-Mulet L, Santidrián AF, González-Gironès DM, de la Banda E, Pons G, Gil J.

Haematologica. 2009 Dec;94(12):1698-707.

Overactivation of the MEK/ERK pathway in liver tumor cells confers resistance to TGF-{beta}-induced cell death through impairing up-regulation of the NADPH oxidase NOX4.

Caja L, Sancho P, Bertran E, Iglesias-Serret D, Gil J, Fabregat I.

Cancer Res. 2009 Oct 1;69(19):7595-602.

Different storing and processing conditions of human lymphocytes do not alter P-glycoprotein rhodamine 123 efflux.

Chiva-Blanch G, Giménez-Bonafe P, Llaudó I, Torras J, Cruzado JM, Petriz J, Castaño E, Franquesa M, Herrero-Fresneda I, Tortosa A, Rama I, Bestard O, Grinyó JM, Lloberas N.

J Pharm Pharm Sci. 2009;12(3):357-66.


Overcoming drug resistance by enhancing apoptosis of tumor cells.

Giménez-Bonafé P, Tortosa A, Pérez-Tomás R.

Curr Cancer Drug Targets. 2009 May;9(3):320-40. Review.

Effects of dopamine on LC3-II activation as a marker of autophagy in a neuroblastoma cell model.

Giménez-Xavier P, Francisco R, Santidrián AF, Gil J, Ambrosio S.

Neurotoxicology. 2009 Jul;30(4):658-65.

LC3-I conversion to LC3-II does not necessarily result in complete autophagy.

Giménez-Xavier P, Francisco R, Platini F, Pérez R, Ambrosio S.

Int J Mol Med. 2008 Dec;22(6).


Multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification for detection of genomic alterations in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia.

Coll-Mulet L, Santidrián AF, Cosialls AM, Iglesias-Serret D, de Frias M, Grau J, Menoyo A, González-Barca E, Pons G, Domingo A, Gil J.

Br J Haematol. 2008 Sep;142(5):793-801.

Research group project:

Title: Nuevos Agentes  Proapoptóticos y Redes de Señalización en la  Leucemia Linfocítica Crónica.


Reference / code of award: SAF2010-20519

Length of the project: 2011- 2013

Title: Apoptosis y cáncer


Reference / code of award: RD06/0020/0097

Length of the project: 2007-2011 

Title: Grup de Recerca Consolidat “Apoptosi i càncer”.                                                                                                                      

Funding entity: AGAUR (DURSI, Generalitat de Catalunya)

Reference / code of award: 2009SGR00395

Length of the project: 2009 - 2013

Title: Development of proapoptotic bisthiazoles as anticancer agents

Funding entity: Fundació Bosch i Gimpera

Reference / code of award: PPV022-08

Length of the project: 2009 - 2011

imatge personal

Group leader

Joan Gil
+34 934029095
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